Jhinga Health Benifits

All vegetables are medicinal qualities. If you know as soon as the use of herbs can be used as vegetables. Jhinga and zucchini (Chittagong parula different places) is no exception. On the other hand, we have to talk jhinga and zucchini medicinal properties of liver and spleen (kalaje the pills) came about.
Vedic sastramate two daibya the two humans. These are the two brothers, who works at a bigarale another is spoiled; Either goes down. They rule and subdue them again bigarale jhinga and zucchini can. Respectively, of the names and kositaka kositaka jhinga and zucchini. According to the Mahabharata's own cells to create Bhagwati two kositakai the same quality; So the use of the same, at the same time for the use of these were subsequently.
According to Ayurveda jhinga cool, likeable, antibilious, udhabardhaka; However, arthritis, cold and wind creates. Asthma is the breathing trouble, fever, cough and krmiroga relieve constipation and stomach away clean. It was late in the digestion of patients, improper eating.
Zucchini bland, however, rucibardhaka, bayunasaka, raktapitta (nose and mouth raktapara) and batapitta reduces, deworming and stopping cough. Below is the list of best practices jhinga and zucchini.

Sothera mutrakrcchrata (Pressure Closed): heart disease, edema yakrtgata disease or other reasons are; The urine is sparingly. He leaves, juice or any other juice of raw jhinga and should be a little warmer. Two teaspoon of the juice three to four hours after the water is mixed with half a cup to drink. However, the juice of the leaves and the two shall be given four times jhinga fruit juice. Thus, gradually swelling and mutrakrcchrata few days of playing, he will relieve mutrasbalpatara with.

Nausea vomiting: pressed heartburn, stomach and vomiting time around, and in the case of three or four short jhingara ripe seeds in a cup of water soluble eat. Even if the stomach is reduced in the air. Everything does not have to vomit; However, if you are throwing the bitter seeds are weak, the elderly, children and pregnant women should not be fed.

Pathuri: jhinga vine roots (akasi) cow's milk or cold water after a mere three days after playing the pathuri away.

Headache (slesmajanita):Raw jhingara Ross took two or three drops into the nose and two teaspoon juice with a little warm water mixed with a teaspoon of seven-eight drinking went out of the mucus is reduced. The dry powder snuff if jhinga heal headaches. bleeding money: raktarsao disease is called. The fall of blood, there is trouble. Kacio case is not ripe again (half-ripe) such jhinga to chop off the dried powder and cloth or a gram scale calanite cast of the powder mixed with half a cup of warm water twice a day, morning and afternoon to eat. leprosy: Ayurvedic scriptures say in leprosy. It has been called dadakeo small leprosy. If it can be seen, not crying or cure is not possible, then one-half teaspoon of jhinga leaf juice mixed with water every morning and afternoon to eat a little. If you put it in the form of leprosy stroke leaf extract. Thus rid of the suit two months of playing. pimcuti eyes or have to go around: It is slesmadhikarajanita reason or cold. Jhingara leaves juice at the first one or two drops of warm, then cool it is. Jhingara zucchini can be used instead.

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