Kuakata Sea Beach

Kuakata is a panaromic sea shoreline on the southernmost tip of Bangladesh. Put in the Patuakhali area, Kuakata has a wide sandy shoreline from where one can see both the first light and sunset. It is around 320 Kilometers south of Dhaka, the capital, and around 70 Kilometers from the territory base camp. The Kuakata shoreline is 30 km long and 6 km wide. On 13 September 2007 assembly had broadcasted a red alert in Kuakata as alarm for a possible Tsunami.

The name Kuakata started from the colloquialism 'Kua'-the Bengali word for "Well" which was dug on the sea shore by the early Rakhine pioneers in mission of get-together drinking water, who landed on Kuakata float in the eighteenth century in the wake of being ousted from Arakan (Myanmar) by the Mughals. From there on, it has transformed into a custom of making the plunge the zones of Rakhaine tribes for water. Kuakata offers a full point of view of the first light and dusk from the same white sandy shoreline in the water of the Bay of Bengal.

Examine the Secluded Beauty of Inani Beach:

Put around 32 kilometers to the south of the noticeable explorer end of Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh, the phenomenal Inani Beach attracts visitors who like the inexplicable occurrences of nature. With a view of luxurious green slants climbing on the east, and the sea stretching out ceaselessly to the west, Inani Beach is well known for its extraordinarily formed rock and coral rocks scattered extensively over the shoreline and into the sea.

Inani Beach, by and large thought to be the world's longest shoreline, is circumscribed with tall palm trees affecting delicately in the breeze and has a smooth lagoon which is perfect for the insignificant ones to paddle in. Sitting on the rock and coral stones with the warm waves showing up on the shore around you, as they have finished for an expansive number of years, could be an incredibly supportive experience. Seashells of all shapes, shades and sizes are found along Inani Beach, making beachcombing a common development. Fishers make their occupation in the waters off Inani Beach, unhindered by the swarms that hurry to the more open and guest orchestrated shorelines.

While Inani Beach is precisely as superb as the shoreline at Cox's Bazar, it neglects to offer a rate of the solaces that voyagers may expect, and it is fitting to bring a stuffed lunch with you when you visit there. Regardless, the people who have taken the time to research Inani Beach will attest that its superbness far surpasses anything it may be requiring in improvements. Really, quite a few people are of the suspicion that the nonattendance of lodgings and fast support merchants add to the offer of Inani Beach.

Kuakata (Sagar Kannya/ Daughter of the Sea) sea shoreline is a white sandy shoreline. It is around 18 km long and 3.5km wide. It is one of the rarest spots to see the full viewpoint of both sunrise and sunset from the same spot or same position. This shoreline is incorporated by green trees and contiguous the shoreline there are various fenced in area forest, in the same path as The Foyej Miyar Coconut Garden, Lembur Chor, Jhau bon, Gangamotir Chor et cetera. These plans and forests are the most attracting to a restricted degree for the explorer. There are no sand traps in the shoreline. So you can once in a while run, clean, swim, and get cockle from the shoreline. There are two streams, named Payra and Bishkhali are West of the shoreline and stream named Agunmukha is East of the shoreline. It has in like manner a couple of wanderings ends like the Rakhain Polly, Shima Buddhu Bihar, Fatrar Chor,rash Mela, Shutki Polli  that are average for the vacationer.

o location Kuakata, Patuakhali
o Climate Weather condition is extraordinarily great in Patuakhali. Summer high temperature can not spill its full style here since rainstorm fogs handle carefully all over all through the mid year season.
o How to get there

Prompt transport organization from Dhaka to Kuakata is available that leaves from Sayedabad transport station amid the nighttime.In case you have to pass by dispatch you can find quick dispatch from Dhaka Sadarghat to Patuakhali.

From Patuakhali you can land at Kuakata by transport or you can enroll a motor cycle.You have to cross three boat to attain the spot. By then you can get a barge costing BDT 1000 to 1200 to visit all the objectives of Kuakata.

Various visitors to Cox's Bazar take the time to come the seashore by jeep, liking a break from the city and taking in the sights, for instance, Inani Beach and Himchori with its amazing waterfall, furthermore Sonadia and Moheshkhali Island. Right when passing by Inani Beach, make sure to take your Polaroid along to get the grand sight of the sun setting over the ocean, changing it into a mix of shades of gold and copper - a sight which is basically special case

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